Blue Dragon: My favorite Fort Point spot

I’m not afraid to admit that I love the small plate dining trend. I’m the type of person who loves to try a bunch of different dishes, rather than have to narrow myself down to one large dish. Another thing you’ll learn quickly about me is that I love Asian flavors. So when you throw the two of those into one restaurant concept, and the food is good, I will probably love it.

Pork belly baos with serrano pickles
Pork belly baos with serrano pickles

Enter Blue Dragon, Chef Ming Tsai’s tapas-style restaurant in Boston’s Fort Point area. I’m incredibly lucky that I work in this up-and-coming culinary mecca in Boston. And I won’t lie: I probably head here about once every two weeks, whether it’s for one of their amazing cocktails (my preference: the Lemongrass Giblet with lemongrass-infused Double Cross vodka, cucumber, and fresh lime), or to munch on their spectacular snacks, dim sum, or other small plates. Some of my go-to favorites include the edamame hummus with spiced pita chips (these chips have a PUNCH), pork belly baos with serrano pickles, or mushroom and garlic chive potstickers.

Pork and scallion wontons
Pork and scallion wontons

Believe me, you will start ordering and not even realize how many dishes are on their way to your table. But after trying (and I guarantee loving) everything, if you still have room, do not skip “The Cookie.” Let’s just say, it is heaven in your mouth.

All in all, Blue Dragon provides a super fun atmosphere, great cocktails, and delicious food.

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