Strip T’s in Watertown

strip ts_3
Mussels with crispy herbs

I love my Watertown neighborhood, but the restaurant choices around the area are what you might call lackluster. I had heard about Strip T’s from a few foodie friends, but even after living here for almost four years, I hadn’t gotten around to visiting the place yet. So when my friend Em suggested we go to Strip T’s to celebrate my birthday, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

My first impression when we walked in was the restaurant’s size: It was so tiny. We were seated at a table right next to the kitchen (I could actually turn around in my seat and stare directly at one of the chefs in the tiny space). For many people, the seating choice would be irritating, but I loved it. I felt like I could see all of the action happening in the tiny kitchen.

strip ts_1
Pulled pork nachos

Our waiter came over to tell us about the appetizer special: Spicy pulled pork nachos. He said if we wanted it, we should let him know right away because there were only a few orders left. So Em and I looked right at each other, turned to him, and said “yes” simultaneously. I loved that he peeked his head into kitchen, asked, “any more nachos?” and leaned back to tell us were getting the last order. It’s a good thing we were quick to nab them: These bad boys were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Then it was on to the main course. The menu is small, so you don’t have to spend a long time mulling over what you want. Em decided on the mussels (the dish everyone raves about), and I got the fried chicken. Both were spectacular and super flavorful.

strip ts_4
Sourdough brioche doughnut

Although we were stuffed, we decided to take a look at the dessert menu. If you have the room, get the sourdough brioche doughnut. The toppings change seasonally, and they’re usually a mishmash of ingredients you’d never think to put together. Our doughnut was topped with lemon curd, watermelon, and several strips of something fried and green that resembled and tasted a bit like seaweed. I know it sounds weird, and even though we were both stuffed to the brim, we couldn’t stop eating it.

Overall, Em and I had a delicious experience at Strip T’s. Although tiny, and you’re basically sitting right on top of your neighboring table, it adds to the intimacy and fun of the restaurant.

Would I go back? Absolutely! I need to see what’s on their sourdough brioche doughnut this month, right?

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