West Bridge in Cambridge

west bridge_2
Egg in a jar, brisket, and calamari

I’m always looking to my friend Rachel to provide a recommendation for the next great restaurant to try. She’s been raving about one of her new favorite places–West Bridge in Cambridge–so my boyfriend Doug and I decided to check it out.

There’s a fun brick patio area outside, but we wanted to see what the vibe was like inside. The restaurant features a loft-like feel with with long wooden tables and metal chairs. We were seated at one of the smaller wooden tables, but there were also a few booths running along the windows in the front of the restaurant. I really loved the high ceilings with interesting lighting fixtures hanging pretty low to the dining area. Near the entrance to the restaurant hung a large metal chandelier with rope draped throughout. It was a unique piece that really sets the place apart from a lot of the other new restaurants with this loft-like vibe popping up around the city.

West Bridge has a great cocktail menu. They offer a drink similar to my favorite cocktail of choice at Blue Dragon in Fort Point called the Davie’s Cup, made with Pimm’s, cucumber vodka, citrus, pink peppercorn, and mint. It was delightful and I had no problem finishing off two of them.

west bridge_1
Kale salad with duck confit

West Bridge is another small plates spot, with a couple of larger main options and three bigger dishes to share with your companion or group. Doug and I decided to get a bunch of smaller plates so we could try a little bit of everything. We ordered the “hand torn pasta” with miso, broccolini, seaweed, and garlic; brisket with carrot, russian, swiss, and rye; egg in a jar with duck egg, hen of the woods, pomme puree, and crisp skin; calamari with cockles, sweet 100’s, and whelks; and the black Tuscan kale salad with gooseberry, duck confit, and watercress. I was not a fan of the calamari. The broth tasted like chicken stock, and made me feel like I was eating a bowl of chicken noodle soup with a bunch of calamari floating in it. I was hoping for a richer broth that just wasn’t there. I also wasn’t super impressed with the brisket (it was Doug’s pick … shocking). I was hoping it would have more of a corned beef flavor, but it really didn’t have much of a flavor at all. The kale salad was nice and the duck confit cooked perfectly–but again, nothing spectacular.

The two dishes that really shined were the egg in a jar and the hand torn pasta. The egg in a jar tasted like you were eating a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs with a pillowy cloud of mashed potato heaven. I’m pretty sure I scooped out every last morsel of it. The hand torn pasta was perfectly prepared with a miso sauce that was light and not overpowering, and had just the right amount of flavor the pasta needed.

As is normally the case for me, we obviously had to try dessert, too. The dessert menu is provided verbally by the waiter, and we decided on the chocolate cake with a peanut butter sauce and vanilla ice cream, topped with some type of crunchy candy. It was just what you’d expect from a chocolate and peanut butter dessert: very decadent and delicious. Doug devoured it.

West Bridge was a fun spot to enjoy a drink and some small plates. I wasn’t blown away by everything we ordered, but I would go back for that egg in a jar in a heart beat. Truly spectacular.

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