Beat Hotel in Cambridge

Beat Hotel_1
Mixed green salad with peaches, herbed cheese, and honey vinaigrette

My friend Erica and I don’t just enjoy taking cooking classes together, but we also love trying new restaurants. And one of our favorite areas to visit is Cambridge (specifically, Harvard Square). We are frequenters of Russell House Tavern, and after we gorged our way through the menu at Alden & Harlow, we decided it was time to try somewhere new. Erica did a little research and suggested Beat Hotel.

So off we went–and let me tell you, this is one of the most eclectic spots I’ve visited in a while. Upon being seated in the dining room, I began looking around at the unique decor: A hemp garland draped from the ceiling that resembled very dirty dreadlocks … brightly painted murals splattered across the walls … and large tree trunks in place of pillars in front of the bar. It was funky and it was fun.

Mahi Mahi tacos with rice and beans
Mahi Mahi tacos with rice and beans

The menu changes with the seasons, and our first visit was during the summer–so fresh flavors were key. We decided to start “healthy” with a simple mixed green salad, served with peaches and herbed cheese, and drizzled with a honey vinaigrette. I know what you’re thinking: A salad? Really? But let me tell you, it was the perfect way to start the meal. With the saltiness of the herbed cheese and sweetness of the peaches and honey, it was just the right blend of sweet and savory.

Then we moved on to the main event. Never one to turn down a good steak and potatoes dish, Erica decided on the NY sirloin steak frites with peppercorn jus and cornichons. I went with the Mahi Mahi fish tacos that were served with black beans, rice, and queso blanco. My tacos were spectacular. The fish wasn’t overpowering, and the slaw served on top kept it light. I didn’t think the rice and beans were necessary since the dish consisted of two very hearty and well-filled tacos. And I didn’t need to ask Erica if she liked her meal or not. The noises of pleasure after she took each bite of steak smothered in sauce told me her true feelings.

Trio of sorbets: Raspberry, lemon, and mango
Trio of sorbets: Raspberry, lemon, and mango

Since our entrees were pretty substantial, we decided to end our meal with a trio of sorbets (as you know, I am a sucker for homemade iced treats). That night, they were featuring mango, raspberry, and lemon sorbets. We gobbled up every last scoop.

Erica and I decided then and there that we would return to the Beat Hotel in a heartbeat (see what I did there?). And we have since been back several times. It’s fun … it’s delicious … and it hasn’t let us down yet!

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