Cannoli bites

Cannoli bitesAlthough I love baking, I’m not a huge dessert person. But one sweet treat I can’t seem to turn down is the classic cannoli. So when I found this recipe for mini cannoli bites, I knew I had to try and make them.

They’re miniature. They’re sweet. They’re the perfect little bite of Italy at any time of the day.

Servings: About 48 bites


Cannoli cups:
2 cups all-purpose flour, plus more to sprinkle on counter
2½ tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
Cannoli bites½ teaspoon cinnamon
1 pinch nutmeg
½ teaspoon salt
¼ cup butter, melted
1 large egg white
6-8 tablespoons apple juice
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
Cooking spray

Cannoli filling:
12 ounces whole milk ricotta cheese, strained
8 ounces mascarpone cheese
½ cup powdered sugar

Optional toppings:
Powdered sugar (for dusting), mini chocolate chips, chopped pistachios


  1. To make the cannoli cups, add flour, sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt to a food processor and pulse until blended. Pour in the melted butter and pulse until well combined. Then add the egg white and pulse until blended. In a bowl, combine the juice and vinegar. With the processor running slowly, pour in the juice mixture and pulse until the mixture just begins to come together.
  2. Cannoli bitesDivide the dough into two pieces, shape into balls, and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  3. When ready to prepare the filling, blend together ricotta and mascarpone cheese in a mixing bowl, using a rubber or silicone spatula. Run and press the mixture along the bottom of the bowl to remove any lumps. Fold in the powdered sugar. Cover the mixture and chill for 30 minutes (or until ready to use).
  4. When the dough is done chilling, preheat the oven to 400°F.
  5. Roll each chilled dough ball out on a lightly floured surface (dust top with flour, too) into a 14-inch circle, to about an 1/8-inch thickness. Cut into circles using a 2½-inch round biscuit cutter. Transfer the rounds to an ungreased mini muffin tin, pressing the dough evenly into the sides and bottom of the muffin well. Spray tops evenly with cooking spray.
  6. Bake in the preheated oven for 11 to 13 minutes until lightly golden (and crispy). Remove from the oven and transfer to a wire cooling rack to cool completely.
  7. Once cool, dip the tops in chocolate (if desired), and then into coating of your choice (such as pistachios). Allow chocolate to set.
  8. When cannoli filling is done chilling and the chocolate on the cannoli bites has set, remove the cannoli filling from the refrigerator. Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a tip (or you can use a large resealable ziplock bag and cut the tip off the end).
  9. Pipe filling into cups, sprinkle with mini chocolate chips, and dust with powdered sugar.
  10.  Store in refrigerator.

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