Snappy Ramen in Somerville’s Davis Square

IMG_0900 When the nation jumped into the ramen craze, I hopped right in with them. There’s something magical about a big bowl of hot noodle-y soup. So when my friend Nicole suggested we head to Snappy Ramen (previously Snappy Sushi) in the Davis Square area of Somerville, Massachusetts because she heard the ramen was to die for, I agreed without hesitation.

In true ramen restaurant fashion, Snappy Ramen is a no-frills, tiny spot right off of the main square in Davis. If you’re not paying attention, you will probably miss the entrance. We got there early enough in the evening that we were able to grab one of the seats in the communal square table area in the center of the restaurant–and we quickly saw how fast this place fills up. About ten minutes after we sat down, the line of people waiting for a seat soon packed the rest of the available space near the entrance.

Pork belly buns with scallions and wasabi mayo
Pork belly buns with scallions and wasabi mayo

We decided to start with the pork belly buns, served with wasabi mayo and scallions. I’ve had quite a few pork buns in my day, and these were one of the best. What I loved most about them was how simple they were. They weren’t full of unnecessary ingredients. The buns were super light, the pork was crispy, and the scallions and lettuce provided just the right fresh bite needed. I normally don’t like wasabi, but the wasabi mayo was not too spicy at all. It was the creaminess and bite that was needed to tie the entire little pork clouds of heaven together.

Miso ramen
Miso ramen

Then we jumped right into our bowls of ramen. We decided on the miso ramen with chicken, scallions, noodles, and mushrooms served in a miso broth. To be honest, I think I entered some sort of ramen euphoria because I don’t remember consuming the entire bowl … but I did.

So needless to say, it’s a good bowl of ramen and I highly recommend heading there if you, too, are a lover of the noodle soup. My one suggestion: The earlier you get there, the better. The little spot fills up VERY fast–and understandably so.

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