Gather in Fort Point

Tater tots, duck tacos, and pork belly empanadas
Tater tots, duck tacos, and pork belly empanadas

The Fort Point area in Boston has been a construction zone for much of the last couple of years–but with new luxury apartment buildings and office space comes new restaurants. And this makes me a very happy little lady.

One of these new restaurants is Gather, which is an innovative restaurant and bar overlooking the waterfront. The restaurant is attached to District Hall–a space designed for the creative community to come together and discuss ideas, host events, etc. The entire building is fun, open, and definitely my kind of spot.

My friend Kim and I decided to stop by and see what Gather was all about. Since the weather was still cold, we sat inside. When the weather is warmer, there is a patio area to enjoy the open air and sounds of the water nearby. We were seated near the front of the restaurant with a perfect view of Boston Harbor.

The cocktail list is seasonal, so expect a rotating menu. Kim decided to get the mulled cider, made with Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur and topped with whipped cream. It was warm and comforting, and the perfect drink for a cold night.

Rutabaga ravioli
Rutabaga ravioli

Then it was on to the food! Much of the menu features items to share, but you also have the option of getting a main entree. Kim and I decided on some plates to share. We went with the roasted duck tacos (with apple kimchee, salsify root, and guacamole); pork belly empanadas (served with pico de gallo and guacamole); rutabaga ravioli (with brown butter, almonds, and shaved parmesan); and tater tots (served with ketchup and a tangy aioli).

Everything was incredibly yummy. First came the empanadas. The dough was just the right amount of crisp, and when you top your bite with a scoop of pico, everything comes together perfectly. Next came the tater tots. I’m not a huge fan of tots, but these were something special. They were crisp on the outside, mashed potato-ey on the inside, and absolutely spectacular. Although Kim says she ate the same amount as me, we both know that was a lie. I’m pretty sure I ate about 3/4 of the miniature tot bucket. (and yes, I did squeal when the mini bucket arrived at our table).

Then we were on to the ravioli. The rutabaga was sweet, but with the addition of brown butter and parmesan, the dish was both sweet and salty, and surprisingly delightful. It was a fun twist on the normal butternut squash ravioli you always see on restaurant menus. We finished the main meal off with the duck tacos. Since I’m a huge duck fan, I loved these, although most of the kimchee juice wound up on my plate (it’s definitely a messy eat!).

We decided to finish up with dessert and ordered the pots de creme. It was creamy, not too rich, and the perfect end to the entire meal.

All in all, I highly recommend a trip to Gather. And I’m not saying this just because everything is served in miniature vessels (mini buckets, mini skillets, etc.). It’s a really fun space, even if just for an after-work cocktail. Fair warning: The menu changes regularly, so if you find something you really like, be warned that it might not be there when you return. I looked at the menu this week, and those tater tots are no longer available (which hurts my heart very much). During my next visit, I might have to use my skills in persuasion to try and get the chefs to make those heavenly potato bites!

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