Worden Hall in South Boston

Spiced lamb ribs
Spiced lamb ribs

A few weeks ago, one of my current coworkers, one of my old coworkers, and I decided to grab drinks and dinner after work. After throwing a few ideas around, one suggested Worden Hall, a tavern-esque spot right across the street from the Broadway T stop in South Boston.

Upon entering, you notice the large bar along the left side of the restaurant. We decided to grab three seats at the bar to check out all of the action. My friend Danielle immediately became obsessed with the bar, which was covered in copper pennies, each carefully placed right-side-up and upside-down row after row after row. We knew this place would be fun.

Burrata crostini
Burrata crostini

After grabbing a few drinks (Danielle got the Pretty Copper Penny—and I’m pretty sure she ordered it because of her love of the penny bar), we decided to order some things to munch on. We went with the housemade crispy chicken nuggets with a coconut crust and served with banana ketchup; crispy polenta fries with a smoked tomato sauce, black garlic aioli, and grana padano; smoked lamb ribs that was curry spiced, and served with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, red wine and kalamata vinaigrette, and tzatziki; and burrata crostini, which was a griddled focaccia tartine, served with candied butternut squash and sage-walnut pesto.

Crispy chicken nuggets
Crispy chicken nuggets

Our bartender (who was super attentive, funny, and one of the  reasons to head back to Worden Hall) let us know that if we wanted the chicken nuggets, we needed to get them now. They are being taken off of the menu because it basically takes three days to make these little things with such care. It’s a shame because the nuggets were a-m-a-z-i-n-g. They were crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and the banana ketchup was the perfect tang needed for the breading. I hope they reconsider!

Polenta fries
Polenta fries

The polenta fries were large and I could have used that smoked tomato sauce on basically everything we decided to order. The lamb ribs and tzatziki tasted like I was eating an amazing gyro with super tender lamb. It was smoky and rich and I could have eaten 15 of them. Then it was on to my favorite dish of the night: the burrata crostini. I know what you’re thinking: Why would a crostini with cheese be your favorite plate? Well … the crostini was the perfect amount of crispiness (and not too oily like many pieces of toast can be), the burrata was so silky smooth it was like butter, and that sage-walnut pesto was like nothing I’ve ever had before. We sopped up every last drop.

Needless to say, this spot is a keeper. It’s close to the office, really laid back, and the food is delicious. Although I loved everything we ordered this time, there are so many tasty options still left to try. Perhaps next time I’ll move beyond the hors d’oeuvres section of the menu!

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